Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Exploding Sheep Live Wallpaper!

So my first app is finally up.  It's the Exploding Sheep Live Wallpaper!  Buy it now for only $0.99!  That's less than a dollar.  And for one of the most fun wallpapers out there.  I certainly like to play with it anyway.  Who doesn't want to explode some sheep?

This version is the nice one.  There will be a free version too eventually, but this one will have more options and always be more up to date.  This one includes:
-Change the number of sheep on the screen
-Change the speed they move at
-Add explosion sounds

Keep paying attention, soon there will be more!  It's easy enough to make one for other things, so keep an eye out!  And I'll keep improving this one too, so rate it and leave comments about what you'd like and I'll keep that in mind!

Here's some screenshots of the awesomeness: